Esports Social Media Specialist

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About the Job

FranchiCzar is seeking an Esports Social Media Specialist. An Esports social media specialist is responsible for overseeing one or more social media accounts for a business. Their duties include creating and updating social media posting schedules, replying to comments from subscribers or liking tagged photos and coordinating with other professionals to determine how to market a brand and its products or services using social media.


An Esports Social Media Specialist follows conversations on the internet while interacting with the public at the same time. The specialist is responsible for monitoring trending hashtags and topics while finding unique ways to integrate them into the XP League Brand. 

An Esports Social Media Specialist may also work with other staff members to further promote the XP League brand, such as bringing in marketing consultants to help publicize an event. The specialist is responsible for tracking whether social marketing efforts have been successful through goal setting with markers for identifying success through various online analytical tools. Other job duties include: 

  • Develop and implement social media strategy.
  • Identify opportunities to influence public perception through audience engagement and publicly speaking about XP League’s social media strategy.
  • Monitor online activity across departments and geographical areas to ensure anyone using company’s online tolls is following established guidelines and best practice rules. 


An Esports Social Media Specialist is passionate, energetic, and engaging person that understands competitive gaming ecosystems and what makes those communities function. The specialist is constantly thinking of new ways to engage and entertain through curation and editorial strategies.

  • Be a motivated, self-starter with 3-5 years of experience in esports, editorial, or entertainment.
  • Maintain awareness of industry and related trends and best practices to identify opportunities to leverage or improve our programs.
  • Extensive gaming experience across multiple platforms and genres.
  • Ability for moderate travel, including international destinations.

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